Study finds shared custody is good for the kids

Many parents worry about how their divorce will impact their children. Child custody arrangements can be stressful and difficult to accept. In many cases, parents want sole custody of their children, or at least have custody of their children for a vast majority of the time. 

There are several reasons parents do not like the idea of sharing custody. One of those reasons is that they believe it will be too hard for their children to move back and forth between two households.  

Despite the concerns over shared custody, a new study found that shared custody is better for children than when one parent has custody of the kids. The debate over what type of custody is most beneficial for children will likely continue. However, this study highlights the benefits of shared custody when it comes to children. 

The researchers reported that children living with both divorced parents in a shared custody arrangement reported fewer problems than children who only lived with one parent. They said that it is beneficial for children of divorce to develop a close relationship with both of their parents. 

Shared custody arrangements and having children live with both parents is important and can actually reduce the stress of only seeing one parent every other weekend. The researchers said that having a close relationship with both parents is good for many reasons, including having two resources, social circles and material goods available. 

Parents getting divorced should be aware of the different types of custody plans and discuss the best options in their case with an attorney. Child custody is an important issue as it can affect the relationship your child has with both parents so be sure to consider all options before making any decisions. 

Source: TIME, “This Divorce Arrangement Stresses Kids Out Most,” Mandy Oaklander, April 27, 2015