Yolanda Melville Elected National President of NAACP NextGen

ATLANTIC CITY — Yolanda Melville, Esquire, the Legal Redress Officer for the Atlantic City NAACP Branch and National NAACP Legal Committee member, was elected national president of the NAACP’s Next Generation Alumni Leadership Council. Melville, an attorney at Cooper Levenson in Atlantic City, was selected at the recent NAACP national convention in Detroit this summer. Melville was a member of […]

Public Accommodations Should Not Be Unaccommodating

In Holmes v. Jersey City Police Department, the Jersey City Police Department arrested Shakeem Malik Holmes, a transgender male, for suspected shoplifting.  While in custody, Holmes claimed that the arresting officers made demeaning, insulting and threatening comments about his transgender status over the course of two hours.  Specifically, Holmes alleged the officers referred to him […]

Pokémon GO From Professor Willow to Officer Jenny

Like many of you, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have become inundated with stories about the unintended consequences of Pokémoning on the go. Often times, these stories are followed up with comments like “that’s illegal” or “he/she is going to get arrested.” As a lawyer and a level 12 trainer, I was academically intrigued with […]

New Jersey Outlook: Governor’s AC Proposal has Mulitple Precedents in State’s History

In a time when the 24-hour news cycle and reality television compete for our attention, political discourse often exhibits the performance values that media moguls envy. Beyond the clash of policy and personality, however, lie the most fundamental questions of political governance. Political power in our society is generally not exercised by fiat. Our political […]