Numerous reasons, including illegal market, a factor in underperformance of NJ iGaming, but there are positive signs

Lynne Levin Kaufman writes: “At the time of my WrB USA White Paper, New Jersey was on the cusp of “Go Live” and the White Paper pondered issues such as the practicability of compacting among states, each with its own regulatory body, laws, regulations and approaches regarding topics such as suitability, equipment standards, and taxation. It would be an understatement to say that much has been written about the advent of iGaming in New Jersey since then. That being said, there is still much to be written. More importantly, there is much to be acted upon.
Although Regulators and the gaming industry worked tirelessly and met the November 26, 2013 Go-Live date, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s projection of $1.2 billion of revenue to the state proved to be over-optimistic, to say the least…”

Lynne Levin Kaufman – NJ iGaming White Paper July 10, 2014.pdf