Contested Wills: Avoiding the Heartbreak of Expensive Litigation

For the past 35 years a significant portion of my practice has been devoted to representing people involved in Will contests – cases wherein a family member is suing a sister or brother, or even parents or step-parents regarding a
loved one’s assets and last wishes. These lawsuits are often complicated, emotionally draining and very expensive as this previously happy and well-balanced family embarks upon a process of rehashing grievances and disagreements that often go back forty or fifty years. Irrespective of just how the Court ultimately rules, or how the case is resolved through a settlement, the fabric of the family is often irreparably damaged – much like Humpty Dumpty
– and just cannot be put back together again having been traumatized through countless depositions and Court hearings. This damage often affects future generations who, based upon the ancient feud of their parents and grandparents, come to view their aunts and uncles and their cousins as enemies.

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