Tips for landlords to prevent slip-and-fall accidents

Slip-and-fall cases involve any situation in which a person falls on a property, resulting in injury. For property owners who rent out their spaces, it is important to note that they are not responsible for just their residents. According to the New Jersey Courts, property owners and managers should make sure that any known dangers are addressed as soon as possible. If the condition cannot be immediately rectified, visitors and property residents should be alerted to the situation. The only exception to this rule is adult trespassers.

According to, landlords of rental properties can take several proactive steps to protect their tenants from unnecessary accidents. First, proper installation of building materials and flooring is essential. Second, a written record of all cleaning and maintenance expectations helps the employees of the property to understand their responsibilities. Having a specific checklist of jobs to get done keeps workers accountable, and it can help to ensure that important steps aren’t forgotten.

Third, landlords should require their maintenance crew to inspect and clean the premises regularly. Outside, prompt snow and ice removal lowers the risk of slips on the sidewalk. Inside, cleaning the floors thoroughly, as well as leaving proper signage when they are wet, may keep the walking surfaces safer. Fourth, the recommended cleaning products for the specific floor materials should be used in the proper amounts.

While slip-and-fall accidents are unfortunately fairly common, there are several preventative measures that property owners can take to protect their tenants and any other person that enters the premises. Proper care of the facilities, including careful maintenance and prompt response when an issue does occur, is essential for reducing the risk of an accident.