So Much Talk of Energy – What Should My Business Be Doing Today?

You have a great opportunity to prepare and position your organization for the
new energy world we are facing. There are things you can and should be doing today.

The first step is to develop an energy plan for your business. This energy plan is a map for your energy future which will allow you to achieve the goals of  reducing costs and further “greening” your business. The energy audit, along with a carbon footprint assessment, will help you map out a plan for the energy future of your company. When done properly, the carbon usage assessment will provide a documented, defensible baseline against which you can measure your green, renewable energy and energy efficiency achievements. Conducting this analysis may open the door for new energy financial incentives such as “carbon offsets”.

Creative opportunties exist to finance your energy projects such as performance
contracts and power purchase agreements. These alternatives allow you to implement energy projects with little or no initial capital outlay on your part.

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