A Ten-Step Program for Hiring a Litigation Attorney

I. Recognize The Signs
Nowadays, people are more likely to file a lawsuit. Moreover, the dire economic
problems that many people face today have increased the number of people willing to become defendants in lawsuits by intentionally refusing to make payments, failing to deliver goods and services, or neglecting to properly perform contractual obligations. Learn to recognize when a dispute will likely result in litigation. Be practical, realistic, savvy – and trust your instincts. Do not jeopardize your interests by failing to recognize the warning signs.

II. Pull Up The Draw Bridge
As soon as you hear that bell go off in your head and decide that you are at risk for litigation, pull up the draw bridge. Acknowledge that your customer has
become an adversary. Be prepared to defend your interests by taking decisive action in a timely fashion.

Ten Step Program for Hiring a Litigation Attorney (KevThornton).pdf