Virtual Planning – Family Comes First

As we all adjust to the coronavirus in our everyday lives, our attention focuses on keeping our families safe and secure. With more people staying home, now is the perfect time to start or revise your estate plan and take advantage of the virtual estate planning option with the Cooper Levenson law firm.

Virtual estate planning gives you the opportunity to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney without leaving your home. Our online accessibility will enable you to ensure your family’s needs are addressed. We can also provide the expertise necessary to ensure your estate plan can withstand and take advantage of the current volatility that we are all experiencing.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please request our estate questionnaire by phone or email. As part of this process you should review your current estate planning documents to ensure that you have your basic documents in order including your will, power of attorney, beneficiary designations and health care directive. Once the questionnaire is completed and returned, one of our estate attorneys will set up a teleconference to review your information and formulate/revise your estate plan. We will email your estate documents for your review and comment. Lastly, we will set up an appointment for you to execute your estate documents.

At Cooper Levenson, we appreciate the challenges we are all facing. We remain unconditionally committed to serving the needs of your family and making sure you are prepared to meet those challenges.

Have questions or would like to request an estate questionnaire? Call 609.344.3161 or email