Update from our School Law Attorneys: New Special Education Program for the 2017-2018 School Year

The Office of Special Education Policies and Procedures (“OSEPP”) will be offering, at no cost, a neutral third party to conduct Facilitated Individualized Education Program (“FIEP”) meetings for districts and parents. This free service will be an option to assist districts and parents to create agreeable IEPs. A specifically trained neutral facilitator  will promote whole team participation and development of the IEP. In order to participate in FIEP both parties must agree. The facilitator is not considered an IEP team member, rather the facilitator’s sole focus is on the IEP process. If a district or parent is interested in IEP facilitation, the request for an FIEP meeting is made to OSEPP who gathers consent from both parties and schedules the appropriate FIEP meeting. FIEP is not meant to be utilized for every IEP meeting. FIEP may possibly be used as a preventative measure to assist  parties with differing opinions in a meaningful way in order to effectively plan services for student needs in an impartial manner prior to litigation. In addition either party can terminate the FIEP process at anytime. Please contact our Education Department attorneys at Cooper Levenson for more information about this interesting new program offered by the State.

Contact: Amy Houck Elco aelco@cooperlevenson.com or 609.344.3161