Tides of Change Poised to Sweep New Jersey’s Gaming Scene

In January the New Jersey Legislature passed and Governor Chris Christie signed
legislation to authorize for the first time legalized sports betting in New Jersey, following the passage of a public referendum allowing for same in November of 2011.

The implementation of sports betting remains stalled until a ban at the federal level is removed however. When the federal “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992” was passed, it outlawed sports betting but left open a
one-year window of opportunity for individual states to allow sports wagering. New Jersey did not take advantage of that opportunity.

A lawsuit brought by New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak arguing against the 1992 ban was dismissed in the United States District Court in March of 2011, but may be revived in another action to be brought by the New Jersey Attorney
General. Hope for a lifting of the federal ban also comes from two bills enjoying the bipartisan support of Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo and Democratic Congressman Frank Palone, Jr. HR3081 would exempt New Jersey from the 1992
Act and HR3797 would reopen the “window” to allow all states to decide to permit sports wagering.

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