Cooper Levenson’s Trevor R. Waldron Named as Committee of Seventy Buchholz Fellow

Cooper Levenson attorney Trevor R. Waldron has been selected as a Buchholz Fellow on the Committee of Seventy, an independent, non-partisan organization advocating for better government across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1904, to protect and promote the voting process and bring people of integrity into government, the organization is guided by a board […]

Preserving Social Security Benefits Against Creditor Claims

Debt is common for most Americans. Unexpected events such as job loss or sickness may cause defaults on debt.  The resulting credit damage or creditor judgments may follow a debtor for life. To that end, many Americans nearing retirement or in retirement who rely on social security benefits wonder if social security benefits are subject […]

Atlantic City Now Permits Drinking on Boardwalk and Other Designated Areas

Starting Friday, June 12, pursuant to Mayor Marty Small’s Executive Order No. 3, Atlantic City will permit residents and tourists to walk in designated Open Container Zones, including the Boardwalk, and consume take-out alcoholic beverages. The Open Container Zones are: The Boardwalk between Sovereign Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue; Non-residential areas of Gardner’s Basin; The […]