New Jersey Supreme Court Clarifies Defense Medical Examination Procedures

By: Brian D. Barr, Esq. and Vanessa Calixto, Summer Associate and rising 3L, Rutgers Law School In personal injury cases and other cases in which the mental or physical condition of plaintiffs are in controversy, New Jersey Rule 4:19 allows defendants to require plaintiffs to be physically or mentally examined by the defendants’ chosen expert. […]

New Jersey Federal Court Upholds Exclusion Language Related to COVID-19 Claims

by Greg J. Guido, Esq. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a considerable toll upon large and small businesses alike. From governmental lockdowns of non-essential businesses in 2020 to supply chain shortages, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on businesses since it arrived on United States soil.  Many business owners maintain all-risk insurance policies, insuring a variety of risks a […]


October 28, 2020Louis Niedelman, Esq. We hear  many insurance terms. Some are well known and others  sound like a foreign language. This article should clarify the maze of certain insurance jargon. “Named Insured”: This is the name that appears in the insurance policy as “The Named Insured.” It could be a person’s name or a […]

Virtual Round Table COVID-19 Response and Insurance Implications

Our Insurance Defense Litigation attorneys hosted a virtual round table discussion on challenges, risk mitigation strategies, and preparedness efforts and considerations as insurers embrace the widening COVID-19 outbreak on multiple fronts, including states’ efforts to reopen and return to some semblance of normalcy.  This round table event explored and focused on the pertinent issues that […]