Is Florida now a Community Property State?

On June 29, 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law Senate Bill 1070, known as the Florida Uniform Directed Trust Act (the “Act”), which expands Florida’s directed trust laws.  A directed trust is a trust that appoints a third-party (often called a trust director or trust protector) to provide direction to a trustee regarding trust […]

Part Two: The Mechanics of an ABLE Account

After part one of our article regarding ABLE accounts, we received several inquiries about how funds in ABLE accounts may be invested, how ABLE accounts differ from a 529 college savings plan, what constitutes permissible uses of ABLE account funds and what happens to account funds after the participant passes away.  “ABLE” is an acronym […]

Establishing an ABLE Account in Florida

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (the “ABLE Act”) provides families with a valuable savings mechanism that has been underutilized since its enactment into federal law on December 19, 2014.  The ABLE Act assists individuals and families in establishing tax-free savings accounts to maintain health, independence and quality of life for individuals with disabilities. […]

Is It Time to Litigate? Florida Standards for Contesting a Testator’s Capacity

July 7, 2020 Michael Salad Most people are aware that a person executing a will (a “testator”) must be of sound mind. Testators should not be influenced or coerced by anyone. Unfortunately, family members often litigate these issues because they do not agree with the provisions of a will. Dissatisfied parties often contest wills by […]

Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program

April 5, 2020 Michael L. Salad, Esq. | Craig Panholzer, Esq. Many Floridians, including small business owners, were hoping that business as usual would return sooner rather than later. That hope all but diminished last Wednesday when Governor Ron DeSantis issued a statewide stay-at-home order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor DeSantis also announced that […]