Planning to get back to business after COVID-19 : Q & A

May 13, 2020Russell L. Lichtenstein Q: I am about to begin to open my business and have reached out to my staff to bring them back to work.  A couple of my employees have indicated to me that they are better off receiving unemployment benefits than coming back to work.  Another employee has advised me […]

Will COVID-19 Be a Valid Defense to Accidental Wage and Hour Violations?

While focused on the challenges of operation during this time, many employers have relaxed their usual internal office recordkeeping and timekeeping procedures.  Further complicating matters is that by virtue of the Governor’s Executive Order many companies have non-exempt employees working from home.  Despite the Government’s strong direction to conduct work from home, employers have received […]

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Effective April 1, 2020: By Russell Lichtenstein

April 1, 2020 Russell L. Lichtenstein, Esq. Today (April 1, 2020), the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”) goes into effect.  The FFCRA provides certain benefits for employees directly impacted by illnesses related to the coronavirus and employees who have been required to care for a child as a result of the closure of […]