by: Lynne Levin Kaufman

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (“PGCB”) published temporary regulations finally answering the question –

“Can a Pennsylvania casino which applies for an Interactive Gaming Certificate host multiple Skins”

What is the answer? Yes

So what does that actually mean? It means that a casino obtaining an Interactive Gaming Certificate can enter into arrangements with numerous platform providers to offer different branded products. So when a customer logs into a casino’s interactive gaming website, it can choose from a variety of offerings. Plainly speaking it also means that the Pennsylvania casino can enter into an arrangement with a casino in another State and host that casino’s brand offering products on its website. This is being done in New Jersey where the Sugarhouse Casino has a website associated with Golden Nugget. Of course all entities will be required to apply for the appropriate licensure.

Although this result may sound logical, it was not without significant controversy. In fact, the “Skins issue” pitted casinos against each other and against platform providers.

This decision on Skins is a positive one for platform providers who had previously been on the fence about committing the financial and personnel resources to the interactive gaming market in Pennsylvania, especially considering the high tax rate on slot machine type interactive games.

Of course, there are technicalities such as clear identification that the websites are associated with the casino. However, this temporary regulation opens the door for showing some Skin and letting the (interactive) games begin. We will keep you posted.

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