Preventing falls in retail stores

Business owners in New Jersey have a serious responsibility to keep their property safe for employees and customers due to the serious risks of slip-and-fall accidents. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, more than one-fifth of all emergency room visits are the result of a fall. Many falls occur in a public place, and some happen while a person is working. In fact, falls are reported as the greatest cause for missed work days. Due to the frequency of accidents, employers should take the necessary precautions to keep their retail stores safe and efficient for customers and employees alike.

The first step toward ensuring safety in a retail setting is proper training. Employees should know how to maintain safe facilities, as well as how to conduct themselves while using store equipment such as ladders. Another necessary component is vigilance on the part of the staff. Recognizing where falls are more likely to occur and monitoring those locations may help prevent injuries. Managers and employees should inspect the facilities as a whole regularly to check for potential dangers.

Maintaining clean facilities helps keep them safer, since items blocking walkways and loose or damaged rugs may be hazardous for customers. Such dangers should be removed or repaired immediately. It is important to repair any damage to stairs as soon as the issue is noted, and ensure that handrails are installed on both sides of the stairwell. Lastly, maintenance coordinators should regularly inspect the lighting fixtures throughout the store and replace burnt out bulbs as soon as possible.

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