Our clients, colleagues, and contacts are our primary concern as we continuously monitor the COVID-19 situation. We encourage our clients to speak with their attorney(s) through conference calls or video-conferencing whenever possible. Our firm is fully prepared to work remotely and can continue to serve your legal needs in a timely fashion. Please take care of your health and that of your family. Please scroll down to see the articles our attorneys have written regarding COVID-19

PODCAST: Cooper Levenson attorney Alexandra Rigden chats with Divorced Dad Playbook

PODCAST – Cooper Levenson Family Law attorney Alexandra Rigden chats with the Dan Levy, from the Divorced Dad Playbook. Topics during the interview include: • How has going through a divorce made Rigden better at her job? • How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted the number of divorces being filed? (This answer may surprise you.) • Did you know divorce has an off-season? • How many clients are repeat clients?…and more.


The Family Law department at Cooper Levenson is a full-service department that has many years of experience representing clients in matters of divorce, custody, support, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, grandparent visitation, and other family law issues. We are here to help.

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