Nicholas Sansone to speak at the CLM Construction Conference in San Diego on Sept. 26

Nicholas Sansone, a partner with Cooper Levenson, will speak at the CLM Construction Conference, held Sept. 25 – 27, 2019 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, San Diego, Cal.

Sansone will serve as a panelist on September 26, 2019 2:30 PM at a session entitled “Litigation Impact from Changes During Course of Construction: Future of Defect Litigation.” Fellow panelists include Rose Hoyle, AXA XL; Terence Kadlec, Envista Forensics; and Ralph Woodard, Navigators. The session is described as:

“Communication between design professionals, construction crews, insurers, and product manufacturers varies from project to project. The level of communication may depend on the completeness of plans, dictated by the contract, or even the product of direct experience with differing construction methods.

Changes in the design or construction occur during construction as a result of value engineering, owner changes, site conditions, and other complications. Transparency between the design and construction teams hinges on communication. What happens when this transparency doesn’t occur? A design professional makes a minor change to a subgrade waterproofing system that alters the de-watering of a property without necessary changes to the means, methods, and products. What risk and liability are shifted to the contractor or product manufacturer? What happens when a subcontractor makes a small change to a wall footing for the betterment of construction and secures some but not all of the necessary approvals? Who then becomes responsible?

Regularly, there are issues when contractors take an incomplete set of design drawings and infers the designer’s intent. Did the contractor inherit these design elements?  Has the risk transferred? This session explores these examples and more from the perspective of the carrier, counsel, and expert.”

The CLM conference covers all aspects of insurance, risk, and claims management of the insurance related to the construction industry. In addition to addressing construction defects and other hot topics, conference sessions will address facets of construction site accidents/injuries, coverage issues, subcontractor issues, risk management, and new technologies. Sessions will address issues on the national, regional, and state levels. In addition to the interactive educational sessions, conference attendees will have many opportunities to network with other thought-leaders in the industry. Register at