May As Mental Health Awareness Month Is A Good Month To Focus On Prevention And Preparedness

As we emerge from home quarantine, we should be prepared; May as mental health awareness month is a good month to focus on prevention and preparedness. It is a good time to consider contacting your attorney to make sure that you have an advanced health care directive and a power of attorney in place before a disability strikes. These agency directives allow you to choose a trusted agent to stand in your shoes, should you become temporarily or permanently disabled and are far less expensive measures under your control; rather than an expensive Chancery Court process to accomplish the same goals without your say. By having these simple documents prepared and properly legally acknowledged, you can be assured that while you recover, your representatives will be safe and can perform tasks for you without Court process. Simple things like preparing a tax return or getting the medical treatment that you would chose, can only be done by your agent with these documents. Remember that even your spouse does not have this power automatically because you are married. You must declare your spouse as your agent to delegate that power. Your agent does not have to be your spouse, as you will decide who is the best person to stand in your shoes and handle your affairs while you are recovering. Prepare for your future and take these important steps today. Our firm can help and if you would like more information, please contact us at 302-838-2600.  We have programs available to negotiate or eliminate debt as well. Take this time at home to finally get these important documents in order.