Helping divorcing parents with special needs children

No two children are the same. Every child has their own unique traits and circumstances. A child’s individual characteristics will impact what sorts of needs they have, including what their care needs are.

Making sure their child’s care needs continue to be met after the divorce is something divorcing parents typically care about considerably. What specific issues regarding keeping such needs met can arise during a divorce depends on what the child’s unique needs are.

Our New Jersey firm understands the importance of customized and well-tailored strategies when it comes to addressing issues related to the kids in a divorce. We work hard to understand the unique care needs and characteristics of our divorce clients’ children and to help our clients’ throughout the course of their divorce proceedings understand what they can do to help protect their children’s best interests and to try to ensure their children’s unique care needs will be properly addressed.

One child characteristic that can be very impactful in a divorce of parents is if a child has special needs. An example of this is a child having autism. Autistic children and other special needs children can have a variety of additional things connected to their care needs, including: extensive therapies, home care, unique education needs, special medical costs and high consistency needs. These additional care needs could have the potential to have effects on a range of different issues in a divorce, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Alimony

We can help divorcing parents with children with special needs address the unique issues their child’s unique needs raise in their divorce.