Drunk driving is negligent driving in New Jersey

Even if you’ve never been hit by a drunk-driver or experienced the painful loss of a loved one due to drinking and driving, chances are you know how devastating it can be. That’s because you know that drunk-driving accidents typically result in serious or catastrophic injuries. You also know that they can lead to the death of friends and family members as well.

Even though drunk-driving accidents can result in criminal charges, which can then lead to litigation and serious penalties, some accident victims may not deem this enough justice. That’s because most accident victims, as well as their families, believe that they are owed compensation from the at-fault party. This compensation, most believe, should cover damages to the victim’s vehicle as well as medical expenses now and down the road if necessary.

Because drunk-driving is negligent driving here in New Jersey — and across the country — it’s crucial for all of our readers to remember that drunk driving can lead to compensation if victims and their families so choose to take legal action. On top of compensatory damages, which cover damages to the vehicle and its passengers, some individuals also seek punitive damages, which hold the negligent driver even more responsible for their actions.

As is the case with any type of litigation, filing a personal injury lawsuit can be challenging, especially if you don’t understand the legal system very well. Talking to a lawyer before filing a claim is always considered a good idea in these situations. That’s because a good personal injury attorney will have the experience needed to take on the case and get the compensation a victim needs and deserves.

At Cooper Levenson, P.A., we fight for our client’s right to compensation after a serious accident or wrongful death. We understand how damaging drunk-driving accidents can be and how painful they are for those experiencing them, which is why we seek the level of compensation our clients need in order to move on from the experience and get on with their lives starting on the right foot.