Dangers to Office Workplace Safety

Safety in the workplace extends beyond retail stores and warehouse facilities. There are many dangers that face employees in an office setting as well. Property owners and managers in New Jersey should have an understanding of the risks facing office workers and a plan to prevent injuries. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Office of Human Resources Management, the greatest cause of injury to office workers is falls. This common mishap may be minimized by proper housekeeping. Filing cabinets should be kept in working order so they close properly, and walkways should be clear of excess. Maintenance staff should promptly remove snow, ice and water, as well as use proper signage when the floors are wet. Additionally, power cords and similar equipment should be stored correctly, rather than stretched across an aisle.

Employees may also benefit from quality workstations. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, employers should provide adjustable chairs that may reduce the frequency of back injuries. Lighting should be adjusted according to the work involved, and regular, thorough cleaning may reduce air pollution that triggers asthma and allergies.

An important aspect of office safety is educating the employees. Workers should be made aware of the ways to keep themselves healthy in the office. This includes proper posture and ways to prevent strain while lifting objects or looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. Employees should also know the company’s procedures in the event of a fire or other emergency. Bringing the employees alongside the effort to keep the office neat, clean and safe may prevent workplace injuries.

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