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COVID-19 Halloween Guidance

To Our School Board Community:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect that Halloween will look quite different this year. In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, New Jersey has issued Halloween Celebration Guidance with recommendations on how to safely celebrate. Notable recommendations include:


  • If you plan to trick-or-treat, you should limit your group to current household members and limit the number of houses on your route. If you choose to trick-or-treat with others who do not live in your household, social distancing should be practiced.
  • If you put out treats, it is recommended that you arrange individually packaged candy so that trick or treaters can grab and go without accessing a shared bowl.
  • If this cannot be arranged, other options include leaving a bowl on a porch or table where it can be accessed while adhering to social distancing requirements, limiting interaction with trick-or-treaters, wearing a mask when individuals approach a door, and regularly wash hands.
  • Wear a face mask- costume masks are not an acceptable alternative


  • Limit the number of participating cars and space the cars appropriately
  • Design the event in a long line rather than a circle to ensure social distancing
  • Consider having assigned times or shifts
  • Wear a face mask- costume masks are not an acceptable alternative


  • Avoid large parties and abide by gathering size restrictions
  • Avoid activities that involve close contact


  • Wear a face mask- costume masks are not an acceptable alternative
  • Indoor haunted houses should be avoided
  • Hayrides should limit the number of passengers and maintain social distancing
  • Corn mazes should only permit individuals to proceed in one direction and limit occupancy
  • Reservations/tickets are encouraged


  • Virtual activities
  • Drive through events
  • Family activities at home

You should also remember to check your local sources prior to Halloween as some communities have already chosen to cancel their annual activities.

Our e-mails about recent developments are not intended to substitute for our legal advice to our clients based on your specific needs or requests.  In addition, our guidance is subject to, and can be superseded by new laws, rules, regulations, or orders.  Moreover, some directives from the Federal and State authorities can appear, and can be, contradictory or in conflict, so please contact us for assistance.

As always, stay safe and stay healthy.

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