Cooper Levenson Donates $2,500 to Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City

Atlantic City, N.J. — March 28, 2017 — Cooper Levenson executives Kenneth J. Calemmo, Jr., chief operating officer (left), and Lloyd D. Levenson, chief executive officer (right), visited the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City on March 22 to present a $2,500 check to Michelle Carrera, chief executive director to support the Club’s 2017 programs.

Cooper Levenson supports the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City in various ways throughout the year. Ken Calemmo has participated for the past 15 years as a chef in the Men R’ Cookin’ event and Cooper Levenson Partner Rona Zucker Kaplan (not pictured) serves on the Board of Directors, and also is a mentor in the Champions of Youth Program.