Brain injury after a car accident

You are at risk for a car accident in New Jersey every time you get in your vehicle. While any injury you may sustain during a collision could cause serious damage, one of the most potentially debilitating is trauma to the head. Here at Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law, we understand the devastating effects that brain injuries can have on car accident victims, and we seek fair compensation for the trauma they endure. It is important to understand the signs of brain injury, as well as your treatment options, so that you can respond correctly.

According to the Mayfield Clinic, traumatic brain injury occurs when your brain jolts against the skull, causing bruising or swelling. One common cause of this type of injury is car accidents. In more severe cases, the impact could cause a breaking of internal nerves, which may cause you to lose consciousness for an extended period of time. TBI can also develop more severe physical issues after the initial impact. The swelling that occurs afterward puts additional pressure on your brain and the surrounding nerves. While this swelling may dissipate on its own, you may require surgical intervention to relieve the pressure.

Depending on the extent of the brain injury, you may experience dizziness, nausea and brief memory loss. Mild cases may require a visit to the doctor, but most severe injuries could require in-patient care at the hospital for constant monitoring. If you suffer severe TBI, you may have life-long effects, and possibly even an altered personality. When a major brain injury occurs, rehabilitation is often necessary to relearn simple everyday tasks, and to help you adjust to your altered lifestyle. More information about car accidents is available on our web page.

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