Amusement park safety in New Jersey

Nothing says summer fun like a trip to an amusement park. Although, in some cases, a trip to an amusement park does not necessarily end well. Problems in other parks around the country have caused residents to take a harder look at ride safety in New Jersey despite a decrease in incidents over the past few years. 

The Press of Atlantic City reports that New Jersey has some of the strictest amusement park safety regulations in the country. However, recent incidents across three states from Ferris wheel injuries to falls from roller coasters to a waterslide fatality have some residents questioning how New Jersey regulates amusement rides. 

Certification is required for all ride operators and maintenance personnel at the state’s amusement parks, with most parks conducting additional safety inspections on a daily basis. In addition to these precautions, The Department of Community affairs, which regulates amusement park rides, requires multiple ride inspections each year.

 According to a News 12 report, even in the most highly regulated amusement parks, there are some things that visitors can do to help ensure a ride is safe

  •          Immediately report unsafe conditions or behaviors to park managers
  •          All in-ride safety devices like lap bars, harnesses and seat belts should be double checked for security by riders or their parents
  •          Look for the green sticker that indicates the ride has passed New Jersey state inspection regulations
  •          Read, understand and follow all ride instructions such as age, size and health restrictions 

If park patrons are at all concerned about the safety of a particular attraction, they should not ride it. Also, remember that accidents can range from scrapes and bruises to concussions, and rarely, to death. While some accidents can be avoided by being an alert visitor, ultimately, the safety of amusement park attractions rests in the hands of park owners who bear the responsibility of inspection, maintenance and operation.