Bridge Year Pilot Program

To Our School Board Community: On June 26, 2020, Governor Murphy signed an Act requiring the Commissioner of Education to establish a three-year “Bridge Year Pilot Program” for certain students who were impacted by the public health state of emergency caused by COVID-19. Under the Bridge Year Pilot Program (the “Pilot Program”), each school district […]

Cooper Levenson Foundation Awards 2020 Scholarships

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Atlantic City High School students Anthony Lino and Sohe Shomyha, and Ocean City High School student Thomas Oves will each receive scholarships from the Cooper Levenson Foundation, the firm announced today. The Cooper Levenson team members who served on the scholarship committee chose Lino, Shomyha and Oves as scholarship recipients because […]

Workout In The Age of The Pandemic

While the bombs were falling on London, Winston Churchill said, “We Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself”. Hard to have his self-confidence during these tumultuous times when your business is shut, your revenue is non-existent, your creditors are threatening foreclosure. Fortunately, as Charles Dickens said in the preface to his famous Tale of Two […]