Workers’ Comp: The Basic Facts

The article covers a series of questions and answers concerning workers’ rights to compensation for disability. The article also explains when to go to a lawyer and what the regulations are concerning the fees for the lawyer. Workers Comp Basic Facts.pdf

Case Law Update: Patrick Switzer v. Connectron Inc.

This case involves a reversal by the Superior Court on respondent’s Motion to Dismiss. Petitioner filed an occupational claim against Connectron where he had been employed as a punch press operator from l987 until 5/93. Petitioner alleged that position required repeated trauma to both hands and wrists which caused carpal tunnel syndrome. He first “learned” […]

Case Law Update: Danuta Rosinski v. General Motors

Respondent appeals from a final determination by the Workers Compensation court who found petitioner was entitled to death benefits because her husband died while on special mission. The central issue raised on appeal is whether the decedent was engaged in the direct performance of his duties when he suffered a heart attack while waiting outside […]

New Challenges In Trying A Negligence Case

In this case, Cedar Johnson was employed by Cambridge Frozen Bakery Products Company. Johnson’s supervisor, Ray Majewski, asked Johnson to drive to Majewski’s home and retrieve his prescription medicine. Johnson did as he was instructed, and used his own car for transportation. En route, Johnson struck a vehicle operated by plaintiff Samuel Finn, who was […]